Fellowes LX Paper Shredders – The New Range

The new range of Fellowes LX paper shredders are the next generation of paper shredding machines, they do not jam and offer very satisfying results.

The Fellowes LX paper shredders can be used for both professional and personal use, if you have a small office, they would fit perfectly as they do not require much space. The machines are developed with the Safe Sense technology that guarantees your safety and helps your mind rest easy.

It stops the shredding blades whenever it feels that your fingers are close.

The Fellowes LX shredders are also economical as it goes into sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity set by you.

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Fellowes LX Paper Shredders Performance

The Fellowes LX shredders series have a maximum performance and interruption prevention automatically after the bin of the shredder paper is full. These machines are designed with maximum security levels, they allow you to shred private and sensible A4 documents into up to 2000 practical sized 2×12 mm.

The LX machines bins can contain up to 20 shredded sheets which are equivalent to 30 letters, this gives you the option of emptying the tray far less frequently.

You can shred up to 2000 papers, CD, credit cards and staples in the matter of 25 minutes on a maximum scale.

The Fellowes LX shredders series are intricately built to be easily moveable makes the trash easily disposable and more importantly jam resist.

The Fellowes LX 221 Shredder

We have researched in a wide array of paper shredders and we have come to the conclusion that the LX221 Fellowes shredder is the best in the market today. The LX 221 FELLOWES white document shredder range is the new generation of FELLOWES shredder.

These shredders are modern, high-quality devices that guarantee their users security and reliability. With a capacity of 30 litres, it is recommended for shared use in a professional environment such as an office of 3 to 5 people.

Jam Proof Shredder - Fellowes LXDestruction capacity.

This micro shred cut document shredder cuts documents into particles of 2 x 12 mm. This cutting into micro-particles has the advantage of significantly reducing the volume of waste (from 2 to 7 times less volume depending on the size of the particles).

It can destroy up to 20 A4 70 g / m² sheets (i.e. 18 A4 80 g / m² sheets) in a single pass.

The destruction capacity is given for information only, it may vary depending on the material and type of paper, and the quality of the power supply.

Safety Level.

According to the new security standard, the Fellowes LX 221 2 x 12 mm HSM white document shredder is classified security level P-5. It is specially designed for the destruction of your confidential paper documents and other data carriers (cards of credit / CD and DVD) to be made illegible. The document is cut into 2 x 12 mm particles.


The LX 221 2 x 12 mm is equipped with interactive Intellibar technology, which provides feedback on the performance of the shredder during use. This feature prevents interruptions by indicating when the basket is almost full or when the operating cycle is almost reached.

Sleep mode technology puts the shredder to sleep automatically when not in use.


This document shredder is also equipped with SafeSense technology, offering greater peace of mind and security when in use. The document shredder stops as soon as a hand approaches the insertion slot.

All of the security instructions are listed on the top of the document shredder. For maximum security, this document shredder stops automatically in the event of a paper jam, opening of the door or excessively full bag.

Special Features

The FELLOWES LX 221 2 x 12 mm white document shredder is versatile because it also destroys credit cards staples, small paper clips as well as CDs and DVDs.

The machine is provided with a 30L extractable basket. This basket allows it to limit the use of particle recovery consumables. The use of lubricating oil is recommended for the correct use of the document shredder

The Top 5 Fellowes Shredders on Amazon

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Other Fellowes LX Paper Shredders.

The Fellowes LX221 is not the only paper shredder you can opt for, in our opinion we just think that it is the best option.

Other alternatives include the Fellowes Powershred LX200, Fellowes Powershred LX210, Fellowes Powershred LX220 and Powershred LX201. They are as innovative and efficient as the LX221, whereas this is specifically designed for individual use.