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Office Furniture Improves Office Proactivity

Office Furniture

A well furnished office helps to create efficiency with your employees and visual appeal to all those who come into contact with it. It says your company is forward-thinking, successful and dynamic. It rewards your personnel with working areas they feel happy to be in, and is therefore a major …

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Literature Stands & Holders

Literature Stands & Literature Holders

Perfect for reception areas, waiting rooms & trade shows Displaying company leaflets and brochures in the right way, is so important for any business. Untidy piles of sales information and price lists will not give the right impression to your customers. Whether you’re looking to present leaflets on the company …

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The Best A2 Paper Trimmer Available? Dahle 554

Dahle 554 Paper Trimmer

Looking for an A2 paper trimmer that will last you for a while, even when used regularly in the busiest of office environments? You need to take a closer look at the Dahle 554 A2 paper trimmer. This cutter, otherwise known as a paper trimmer or rolling trimmer may just …

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Are Serviced Offices A Good Option for Small Businesses?

Serviced Offices

Many businesses use serviced offices because of the advantages that they can bring. Small businesses, in particular, are ideally suited to this mode of operation. But what is a serviced office exactly and what can it offer a small business owner?  Read on to discover more. What is a serviced …

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Verbatim USB flash drive – Why it’s the right choice

Verbatim USB Flash Drive

With USB ports in virtually every pc and showing up in cars, multimedia and DVD players, video, picture frames and much more. USB drives are now considered an important accessory. Take a closer look at the Verbatim USB Flash Drive in particular the PinStripe 64GB USB. It just might be what …

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A4 Copier Paper – How to Choose The Office Paper For You

A4 Copier Paper

The most popular office supplies product is without doubt A4 copier paper. It is almost impossible for any busy office to operate without it. It has so many uses including the obvious, photocopiers, fax machines, inkjet printers, laser printers and for general office use. All A4 Copier Paper Is Not …

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Baijia BJ-212 Counterfeit & Forged Note Detector

Baijia BJ-212 Forged Note Detector

The Baijia BJ-212 is an imaging counterfeit detector which provides the multi function of Infra red, metal thread, imaging and magnetic ink detection. The Baijia BJ212 also includes money transparency. This BJ-212 Forged Note Detector is an ideal way to defend yourself from forged bank notes. The Baijia BJ212 scans …

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Dahle Heavy Duty Ream Cutter Guillotine

Dahle Ream Cutter

The Dahle heavy duty ream cutter guillotine is capable of cutting many sheets of paper is simple work to get a Dahle rolling trimmer or guillotine, but if you should cut a whole stack, there’s certainly no better instrument then a Dahle Stack Cutter. Each cutter has built in features …

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Paper Trimmers – A Beginners Guide

Dahle 554 Paper Trimmer

When you are looking to buy a new paper trimmer, sorting through all of the different types of brands and styles can seem overwhelming. There are so many different options out there, and they all try to convince you that their trimmer models are the best. How can you tell …

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