Baijia BJ-212 Counterfeit & Forged Note Detector

Baijia BJ-212 Forged Note Detector

The Baijia BJ-212 is an imaging counterfeit detector which provides the multi function of Infra red, metal thread, imaging and magnetic ink detection.

Baijia BJ212The Baijia BJ212 also includes money transparency.

This BJ-212 Forged Note Detector is an ideal way to defend yourself from forged bank notes. The Baijia BJ212 scans notes for forgeries and displays results on the LCD display.

Some great features of the Baijia BJ212 include:

  • Approved by European Central Bank
  • British (GBP) and Euro notes
  • Displays denomination and value
  • Easy bank note feeding
  • Mains or Li-ion chargeable battery included
  • Large LCD Display
  • Compact design: 125mm(L) x 88mm(W) x 60mm(D)
  • MG, MT, IR, UV and Size Detection.

There are so many forged counterfeit note detectors on the market but without doubt this is one of the best. Very easy to use and gives you peace of mind when handling cash on a day to day basis. Can you afford not to be without one?

Detection for Pounds and Euro notes. Mains or battery operation.