Corner Office Desks – Left & Right Handed Radial Desks

Corner office desks or L shaped desks are key to ensure efficiency and productivity from your members of staff. If you think about the cost of floor space in a working environment. It’s expensive. It’s a good idea to invest in office furniture that makes the best of what you have.

Choosing corner office desks for your workplace

Choose from a traditional rectangular desk or radial desks that is the mainstay of the VDU operator. Not forgetting wave desks that are ideal when using flat-screen monitors. We can provide office desks that cover all levels and to suit each member of staff and what is perfect to suit your needs.

L shaped desks are an excellent choice for any modern office. This is simply due to the fact the name L shaped desk except they are the shape of an L. They have a long work area side with a smaller return area. Available in either left or right-handed. They are also terrific space savers and make use of additional space other desks may lose.

Other names given to the L shaped desks include corner desks, radial desks and computer workstations. Different names but the same desk. This is simply down to the manufacturer and their preference.

Left Right Hand Desks
L shaped desks are available with a left & right hand curve

There are indeed other variations of materials including glass, plastic and even metal, however wood is the most popular. Wooden desks are pretty mainstream and more cost-effective for that busy office. Standard colours include beech, maple and oak. However, more non-standard colours are available.

The style of l shaped desks can also vary and can be very bespoke to how the desk is being used. For example, a secretary may require additional storage space whereas a desk worker not.

A desk pedestal is a great addition for extra workspace and storage

Other additions include the extra drawers or desk pedestals. These can either fit underneath the desk itself or alongside at desk height. This is an excellent solution if indeed you require even more desk space to work on.

The benefits of why you should opt for an L shaped desk are endless. The most important factor is indeed the usable space on each workstation. Looking at the desks they are not specially designed to be a space saver, however, they certainly offer that option.

There are indeed things to consider why buying corner office desks. Whether it’s an l shaped desk, computer workstation, radial or corner office desks. You have to consider what you need it for and what goes where. For example, printers, computer monitors, telephones and even your files and folders.  These things are important as the last thing you want is a cluttered new desk in the office.

As we have learned, L shaped desks are commonplace in the workplace. They look great in any home office environment too. These days even cheap desks look great and blend in well with home furniture. This works especially well due to the ever-increasing range of colours and finishes that are now available.

L shaped desks are also great to work together as multiple workspaces or in a pod of 4. You may have seen this layout before, commonly used in call centres. This layout is having four desks facing together and generally separated using desk high screens.

An L shaped desk works perfectly as a workstation area for your hobbies. You have the ability to use one side to store your materials in a work area on the other. It allows you to keep everything separate without any mess and clutter.

Corner Office Desks Radial Desk
Corner office desks

Desk Options

Our range of radial desks is available in various styles, sizes and colour options.

Cantilever Radial Desks

This style has a C frames metal leg that allows move movement as it eliminates having a leg at each end of the desk. Some desk ranges of cantilever radial desks also have inbuilt cable management.

Panel End Desks

Panel end radial desks have a solid wood / solid wood effect panel ends – these are generally available in all ranges of radial desks.

L Shaped Desk Sizes

Most of our radial desks are available in widths of 1200mm, 1600mm and 1800mm with a height of 720mm.

Radial Desktop Thickness

Our budget radial desks are generally available with an 18mm thickness where our mid to executive range comes with a quality 25mm desktop thickness.


As we have discovered there are many uses in the office and home for l shaped desks. Perfect for today’s busy office and where organisation and space is an absolute must. As well as looking good l shaped and corner desks are a real space saver. Useable in pods of 4 or independently in their own or in corners around the workplace.

Choosing a quality l shaped desk is important as this will also be an investment. Buying a nice office desk for your employee gives them a sense of worth. A second hand or cheap office desk would never be able to deliver that quality.