A Boards & Pavement Signs Get Your Company Noticed

As implied with the word, A boards pavement signs boards are widely used to display and also accommodate signs and notices. A Boards are designed in such a way that they make the shape of the exact Alphabet ‘A’. A Boards have actually been employed for many years. A Board sign boards really are a very popular method to display and hold signs.

A Boards are an affordable way of getting across your concept over. The advertising and marketing choice for numerous shops and retail outlets for a pavement signage outside their own business premises.

Made of real wood, these are very bulky. Safety can be quite a fear should they were ever to collapse onto a member of the public. On wood boards, all messages used to be embossed employing a pointed cutting instrument. Or written on using special oil paint.

A Boards Pavement Signs
A Boards & Pavement Signs

Why are they called A Boards?

The name A Board was given for this board given it appears like an alphabet ‘A’. Glance at the board side on and you will certainly discover why.

These are used by a multitude of businesses throughout the UK. Here’s are a few reasons why they have much sought after. They are simple and easy to use and straightforward to add your message.

Only a matter of taking out the sides and pressing into position, and there you have it in an instant. The general model of the board provides outstanding robustness.

Which in most cases means that no additional support is essential to help keep it in place.

As it’s the design of an A it enables support from the centre to make sure of no unwelcome movements. A high quality A board will last you for some time because of its own sturdiness.

Together with the perfect design of the a-board it allows the sign to be noticed from many various perspectives. Which means your message could be noticeable to more potential customers should they be walking by.

Is clear to see why these are Amazon’s top-selling A Boards

ProductFeaturesPriceAmazon Rating
A2 A-Board Pavement Sign Double Sided Poster HolderA2 A-Boards are designed to display two posters back to back for use outside pubs, supermarkets, cafes etc. They are Ideal for gaining passing trade.££4.7 out of 5 Amazon rating
4.7 out of 5 stars
Deflecto A1 Aluminium Pavement Display BoardIncrease footfall or walk in traffic to a business property • Increase product awareness • Increase brand awareness££4.7 out of 5 Amazon rating
4.7 out of 5 stars
Pavement Board Wooden Blackboard A BoardTo use with chalk markers and chalk
Suitable for Vinyl lettering
Next Day Delivery
££4.7 out of 5 Amazon rating
3.8 out of 5 stars
Deflecto A1 Water Based Pavement Display BoardIntergrated wheels allowing the sign holder to be easily wheeled in at night.
Heavy base plus springs giving the stand stability in strong winds
££4.7 out of 5 Amazon rating
3.8 out of 5 stars

A Boards are available in an array of designs and sizes. A clear manufacturing choice because of one size does not fit all solution. From A Board producers including Nobo and Metroplan to name just one or two.

Let’s think about what you can use an a board for, possibly for a 1-day sale. Perhaps to display the menu for a restaurant or showcase entertainment that is on at the local bar or nightclub. The choices are endless.

This is why it’s so important to have a good choice of style, colour and size for an A board. Perfect to promote your brand name.

The ‘A’ shape of the pavement sign is perfect for the British weather conditions. We are no stranger to wind and rain, as a result, it makes clear good sense to take this into mind when choosing a signboard that will be employed to market your company or brand name.

When you think that a lot of weather conditions we have throughout the UK is wet and windy it might be a complete waste of cash to select a board that you would only be using for only a few weeks per year.

Choosing the right A board is important to your business

An awful design choice would mean that its hard to preserve signboards in position in excellent advertising locations, including street corners or at primary junction crossings as this is the place that the weather conditions will be it’s most brutal.

The style of the A Board will mean the wind and rain will pass through it and often will give hardly any if any movement from the initial location.

Smaller forms of A boards are excellent to be moved from place to place very quickly. Perhaps a policeman or maybe traffic warden may benefit from one to steer the traffic quickly in numerous directions, or perhaps as a notice stand within a train station to share with customers of problems or train setbacks on a certain platform.

Many organisations make use of A Boards at events and sales pitches and make sure that the boards are ready for different uses each time they organise a new event in a new location, city or town. Being very portable they simply store them in their vehicle and take them out when needed.

Cheap A boards are not always poor quality

As mentioned previously in the document there are many kinds of A board available from numerous brands and manufacturers. Sadly, not every one of the producers will provide you with a pavement board or sign that may last you for years, this is due to being made using low-quality components.

Nevertheless on saying that you are able to buy a cheap a board that’s quality and will last you for quite some time but you must do your homework first and be sure you’re investing in quality rather than a sub-standard import.

Customised, personalised or designer A boards have arrived.

You may be one of those particular clients who choose your office supplies to fit your business’ branding, for example, colour and branding or better still to be emblazoned with your business logo. There are plenty of noticeboard companies who will offer this for you, of course at a price yet not as pricey as it once was and the costs are decreasing continuously as more and more companies are fighting for the business.

As with style, design as well as personalisation there’s also the choice of just what a board is manufactured out of, its components. Depending on price range these range from wooden A boards, aluminium A boards, plastic a boards and also paper a-boards. The list goes on.

As with most noticeboards, a-boards are reusable and it is very easy to replace the sign or information right away. A bonus to potential prospects that demand a simple solution.

Without them being forced to commit significant amounts of precious time constantly cleaning and coordinating the board prior to each fresh use or task.

Pavement signs are perfect for raising awareness of your brand

A benefit using an A board over the classic signboard or noticeboard is to use both sides of the board simultaneously. This enables you to carry the attention of passers-by originating from the two directions. Also at the very same time period getting the same information of two different pieces of particulars across concurrently.

Such as a directional arrow would be directing left on one side yet right on the other one. Not easily achieved with a common noticeboard.

Shopping for an A Board at the right price is very simple in the age of the net. This allows you to look at the lowest prices online and then having the ability to bargain with the high-street shops. To secure a discounted price if you wish too. Almost all retailers might at least meet your price as no one wants to forfeit a sale.

Internal or External A Boards

Other options to manage your prices is to think very carefully what you would be using the board for ahead of choosing it. For instance, buying an a-board that may just be put to use indoors would be a waste of cash if you only would require something which is required internally. Quite simply, shelling out that extra cash because of its weather-resistant external features will be pointless.

Remember, it genuinely doesn’t matter what type of business you happen to be involved with, A boards really are a good way to promote your message and communicate with new and existing customers and clients.

In general, A boards have become more and more popular in the typical workplace which demonstrates they have turned out to be a basic need for British businesses. If you are a school, college, university, bistro or maybe a small retail store. If you haven’t got one by now be certain to add this to your to-do list.


There is a vast array of choice out there to choose from including styles and sizes. For a good selection visit our main selection of available A boards and pavement signs