The Best A2 Paper Trimmer Available? Dahle 554

Looking for an A2 paper trimmer that will last you for a while, even when used regularly in the busiest of office environments? You need to take a closer look at the Dahle 554 A2 paper trimmer. This cutter, otherwise known as a paper trimmer or rolling trimmer may just be what you need.

The Dahle 554 Trimmer Features

Dahle 554 AmazonThe Dahle 554 is perfect for small, medium and large cutting jobs and can easily cut wide format paper right up to 720mm (just over 28 inches) and 20 sheets of paper / media at any one time.

The extremely smooth rotary cutter action gives a clean and accurate cut every time, whether it’s a straight cut, angled cut or even a free cut. As it is a rotary trimmer / rolling trimmer you can cut in either direction using one hand.

The trimmer has a sturdy metal base with a Dahle guarantee for durability. This is printed with various measuring guides and cut lines in imperial as well as metric measurements.

  • Cuts through all types of media with a clean edge including paper, card, photographs, film or foil in a smooth sliding action.
  • Designed for safety and accuracy. Made to the highest standards.
  • Easy to use with a safe and simple method of operation
  • Self-sharpening rotary blade and automatic clamping to ensure the best possible cut.
  • Fitted with a blade guard to eliminate injury.
  • The Dahle 554 can be desk or wall mounted in needed.
  • Dahle 508 A3 paper trimmer version also available

Feel free to download the Dahle Rolling Paper Trimmer PDF for all the manufacturer’s information and product specifications.

Simple Rolling Trimmer Gives You The Perfect Cut

Straight and angled cuts are so easy to do with the Dahle 554 paper trimmer. The automatic paper guard keeps paper firmly in place during cutting, as well as keeping your fingers away from the blade.

The adjustable back stop can be moved backwards and forwards simple with one hand using the quick release button.

Whether you are cutting office paper, heavy duty kraft paper, wrapping paper or card, you can expect that the Dahle 554 will give you a perfect and professional finish every time.

The Dahle 554 really does tick all the right boxes when looking for a good all round paper trimmer, alongside the quality you would expect from such a reliable brand as Dahle.

The Dahle 554 Office Trimmer Technical Specifications

  • Cutting up to and including A2 – Home or office use
  • Cutting length: 720mm (28 Inches)
  • Cutting height : 2.0 mm
  • Paper thickness – 70 g/m²  – 0.8 mm
  • Cutting capacity – 20 sheets of 70gsm paper.
  • Solid Metal Base
  • Adjustable back stop
  • Dimensions: 915 x 360mm
  • Weight: 4.6kg
  • Scaling in cm, DIN, inches
  • 12 Month Guarantee.

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