Literature Stands & Holders

Literature Stands & Literature Holders

Perfect for reception areas, waiting rooms & trade shows

Displaying company leaflets and brochures in the right way, is so important for any business. Untidy piles of sales information and price lists will not give the right impression to your customers.

Whether you’re looking to present leaflets on the company reception, or prefer to have them wall mounted, there is a solution for you.  Choose from our large range of stands, files and holders, we guarantee there is something to suit your requirements.

Literature Holders

Clear styling leaflet stands with a contemporary design

Literature holders come in various sizes to suit the standard dimensions that are used today.  A4 literature holders are without doubt one of the best selling stands, due to A4 being the most popular choice of paper, leaflet and file size.

Most manufacturers of literature stands will offer you the option of a portrait style holder as well as a landscape version. This is suited to the brochure or leaflet that is placed inside.

Popular sizes include: A4, ⅓ A4 & A5.

Desk Leaflet Stands

A4 literature holders perfect ideal for counter or desk display.

Desk leaflet stands are the perfect solution if you have regular or on-going literature. Many of these desk mounted stands are fixed in place. Available in A4 size with 3 leaflet holders.

Mobile Literature Displays & Leaflet Stands

Perfect for showrooms, shop display and trade shows

Mobile leaflet stands offer a flat display or carousel usually with a minimum of 5 shelves with a height of around 180cm (6 feet). Built on four castors with a tilt proof base.

Menu Holders

Perfect for most size menus offering clear visibility.

One of the most popular forms of literature stand is a menu holder. When you think of a leaflet holder a this probably wouldn’t be the first example that springs to mind. Of course, this can have many uses including holding information signs, notices and product information.