Office Furniture Improves Office Proactivity

A well-furnished office helps to create efficiency with your employees and visual appeal to all those who come into contact with it. It says your company is forward-thinking, successful and dynamic.

It rewards your personnel with working areas they feel happy to be in, and is, therefore, a major source of staff retention and improved productivity.

Office Furniture Specialists

Our office furniture suppliers have direct access to Europe’s largest wholesale stock of office furniture, handled and distributed by specialists in the field. It gives us, and our customers, choice and value in the very best office furniture.

Desk, filing cabinets, stationery cupboards. Anything else?

While we always give a lot of thought to our home environment, being sure that the seating is comfortable, the tables are useful as well as at the right height, and that items serve their purpose, we often forget that when we embark on an expedition to buy office furniture.

Above all else, when buying office furniture, we need to bear in mind the functionality of the pieces.  Desks, for example, need to be not only comfortable for the user, but they should be consistent with their use.  A large sturdy office desk, for example, may not be suitable for computer use.

The type of technology in use in an individual’s office may vary, but there will be some general criteria around most office spaces which should be taken into account.  Wiring, outlets for internet and telephone access, all these play an integral part in the design of office space and can be made an almost invisible part of an office environment with careful planning in the furniture buying stages.

Storage Cupboards

Likewise, storage units these days will not simply be standard filing units and filing cabinets.  The necessity for back-up copies of computer databases and the software will often call for fireproof storage cabinets for example, and with the reduced use of paper in many offices, these filing units are more likely these days to be able to be cohesively included in office furniture choices, often being part of desk units themselves.

Office Chairs

Office chairs should lend themselves to comfort and functionality. And the comfort may not be just that as perceived by the user, but also in terms of the research available regarding ergonomics so that employees are not under unnecessary strain which can easily be avoided with the knowledge now available to furniture designers.

Educational Furniture

Educational furniture for conference and seminar rooms will include slightly different seating than that for desks, but there should always be provision for attendees who may wish to use laptops or notebooks during sessions.  Additionally, space for light refreshments will also be imperative for these types of rooms within the office set-up.


Office staff will have personal requirements such as lockers for secure storage of personal items during the workday if that is not available at their workspace.  In these days where there is an increasing awareness of health issues, a conscientious employer will be mindful that some staff may bring sporting equipment with them to the office for use before or after their workday and they will be grateful if there is sufficient space for that to be stored safely during the day.

The type of business operating from an office will be reflected in the office – both in terms of quality of furnishings and style.  A more austere and formal furnishing will be less appropriate in an office which has a more relaxed and casual client base.  Furnishings in the form of pictures and the successful use of colours and furniture combinations should identify for a visitor to the business the tone of the office and of the workers, they will find therein.