Fellowes AutoMax Shredder- The Ultimate Guide

If you work in an office you will certainly be aware of the brand name Fellowes. You will also know that they are responsible for many office supplies you use on a day to day basis. They are also leaders in developing the worlds best paper shredders and the Fellowes AutoMax shredder is no exception from any stretch of the imagination. The AutoMax is as they call it, the first walk away shredder. Simply open the drawer place all your paper, flat, crumpled it really doesn’t matter, as well as CDs, DVDs, junk mail and booklets. The Fellowes AutoMax has the intelligence to sort, feed and shred without any interaction from you. Very simple and hassle free.

Fellowes AutoMax Will Change The Way You Shred Forever

Fellowes Automax Shredder

This would make a huge difference to any busy office due to its time saving capabilities. Those days of standing next to your office shredder, feeding it paper and documents are long gone. Simply fill up the paper tray and switch on and go and do something more constructive. The Auto Max will do its job of cross cutting your documents to give you that additional piece of mind. Fellowes offer two choices of AutoMax, the 300C and 500c. There are very few specification changes to either model, however there are a few minor differences.

When you see the Amazon reviews it’s obvious why this shredder is so popular!!

Shredder ModelFeature 1Feature 2PriceAmazon Rating
Fellowes AutoMax 500C autofeed paper shredder with SureFeed TechnologySureFeed Technology offers a truly a walk-away shredding experienceAutomatically shreds up to 500 sheets of paper into 4 x 38mm cross-cut particles (Security Level P-4)££4 out of 5 Amazon rating
4.1 stars out of 5
Fellowes AutoMax 130C Cross Cut Shredder130 sheet automatic and 8 sheet manual shredding capacitiesSleep mode feature shuts down the shredder after 2 minutes of inactivity££4 out of 5 Amazon rating
4.1 stars out of 5
Fellowes AutoMax 300C Cross Cut ShredderShreds up to 300 sheets into 4 x 38mm cross-cut particlesShreds the capacity load in just 12 minutes££5 out of 5 Amazon rating
5 stars out of 5

Shredding has never been quicker and easier

Fellowes Automax 300c 500c

It is very important to continue to develop and improve when it comes to any product, brand or sector.  In the process of creating the Fellowes AutoMax shredders, it was clear that they needed to be the best a shredder has ever been. This includes the functionality, design, features and dependability that have always been guaranteed with the Fellowes brand. It was their aim to remove boundaries that have always been in place with existing auto feed shredders. Fellowes have made it easier to free up your precious time to walk away and let the shredder do its work. The Fellowes AutoMax shredders are not just another run of the mill shredder. They are a superior shredder that sets the standard for all of its competitors.


The AutoMax comes complete with Fellowes very own SureFeed technology. This frees up time to allow you to fill up the shredder and walk away. The AutoMax will do its job allowing you to do yours.

  • The AutoMax 300c will shred up to 300 sheets into 38mm cross-cut particles (Security Level P-4)
  • Completely jam free. Fellowes has applied its own JamGuard system to avoid any problems during the shredding process.
  • Another great feature from Fellowes is the SmartLock system. This automatically locks the paper drawer whilst the shredder is in use.
  • A sleep mode feature sends the machine into hibernation if the shredder has not been used in over 2 minutes.
  • A perfect addition to any busy office, ideal for up to 5 users.


  • Job delay feature – you can set the AutoMax 500 to a 30, 60 or 90 minute delay. Perfect if you want the job to start at a specific time or after you have finished for the day.
  • A more heavy duty machine and ideal for 5 or more users

Some of its great features

Fellowes Automax DrawerSleep Mode Will switch over to stand-by if the machines has not been in use for certain periods of time. Silent Shred A very quiet machine which keeps noise to a minimum. Perfect for offices with shared workspaces. SmartLock The thought of anyone seeing your confidential material is always a concern. With the Fellowes AutoMax once you fill up the feed tray, close the machine and press start. The drawer will lock until the shredding job is complete. Jam Guard To guarantee a completely hassle free jam free operation.


The Fellowes brand is renowned for producing, in their words, ‘the world’s toughest shredders’. With their latest offering they have certainly got a point.

The AutoMax 300C and 500C is billed as the first WALK AWAY SHREDDER. In other words, you load your documents and paper; you switch it on, your walk away and forget about it. With inbuilt SureFeed technology and Jam Guard, it is a difficult machine to argue against.

There are other machines available on the market, but certainly not with this kind of technology included. And to top it all, you can even throw in CDs, DVDs and credit cards as well as junk mail and it will shred it without you having to be on guard. No other shredder in the world offers this option!