Paper Trimmers – A Beginners Guide

When you are looking to buy a new paper trimmer, sorting through all of the different types of brands and styles can seem overwhelming. There are so many different options out there, and they all try to convince you that their trimmer models are the best. How can you tell which paper trimmers are the best, and which ones will waste your time and your money?

Guide to paper trimmersThis can be a very important choice to make, simply because you really don’t want to waste time using poor quality cutters or guillotines. Mistakes and poor quality cuts can be costly, especially if you have spent hours preparing a presentation that just needs a little attention. Because of this, you will need to spend some time comparing the options and learning how to get a paper cutter, guillotine or trimmer that suits YOUR needs. Once you have armed yourself with this knowledge, you can shop around and choose a suitable cutter that will really help get the job done and give you a professional finish.

It’s no surprise these are Amazon’s Top 5 bestselling paper trimmers?

Swordfish 42013X Edge 320Cuts up to 10 sheets of 80gsm paper£4 out of 5 Amazon rating
4 out of 5 stars
Avery TR002 A4 Photo / Paper TrimmerCuts up to 5 sheets of paper£4 out of 5 Amazon rating
4.3 out of 5 stars
Swordfish Edge 450 A3 TrimmerSuper sharp replaceable carbon steel rotary blade£4 out of 5 Amazon rating
4 out of 5 stars
Dahle A4 Personal TrimmerAccurate Trimming£4 out of 5 Amazon rating
4.2 out of 5 stars
Zoomyo Rotary Paper Trimmer / Guillotine OC500Solid cuts (straight or wavy) or perforation on metal base£4 out of 5 Amazon rating
4.2 out of 5 stars

A good starting point when you are looking at some of the best paper trimmers is talking to friends, relatives and other work colleagues to get recommendations. Ask them what brand they chose and what was their overall feedback when using the trimmer in the long term, and more importantly, would they recommend their chosen paper trimmer to you?

A word of warning, you do have to be very careful when reading online reviews of paper trimmers, if you do take note of reviews maybe look through come of the customer’s personal testimonials, reviews and comments on sites such as Amazon and eBay. It is important that you do have a good look around as well. You could also try participating in some online forums, so if you are looking for a paper trimmer for scrapbooking or card making it may be worthwhile heading over to those forums that best suit your particular niche.

Consider your options. Do you really need a heavy-duty paper trimmer?

If you’re thinking of buying a trimmer to use in the office, you need to have a good think about what projects you will be performing on it for the majority of the time. If you are looking to cut huge reams of paper, then perhaps you need to concentrate your search on the larger more heavy-duty machines such as paper guillotines, ream cutters and stack cutters. The majority of consumers tend to opt for rotary paper trimmers; these are simple, hassle-free and so easy to use. One of the main benefits is that they are very safe and quick to use.

The last question you need to ask yourself is do I need to buy it new, shall I buy a used paper trimmer off eBay? This all depends once again on what you need the cutter for in the first place, if you are not going to be using it on a regular basis then it maybe a good idea to pick one up second hand. However, a word of warning – a used paper trimmer maybe out of guarantee, it may have a fault with the actual cutter or even an unaligned cutting blade. There is no point in false economy.

Overall, if you stay with the leading brands such as Dahle, Rexel, Fellowes, GBC and Fiskars you will not go far wrong, as the cheaper unknown brands of paper trimmers and cutters are really never going to help give the professional finish I am sure you will require.

I hope this article has given you a little insight into make a good informative decision when buying a paper trimmer.