Looking for an A3 paper trimmer? Here’s why you need to buy the Dahle 508

Dahle 508 A3 Trimmer 460mm DH508

Looking to buy an A3 paper trimmer? Choosing the Dahle 508 DH508 personal A3 trimmer from Dahle is going to be perfect for all your cutting and crafting needs.

Complete with 2 scale-bars on this stylish trimmer it also includes centimetre graduation. The cutter also contains all your paper sizes alongside a printed ruler on the table.

Dahle DH508 A3 Paper TrimmerTo enable a nice clean cut, rubber feet are included which keeps the trimmer in place.

There is also a fully automatic clamp fitted to the trimmer on the cutting line which enables a safe and secure cutting. There is also a full enclosure around the bladed cassettes. The full cutting length of the Dahle 508 A3 trimmer is 460mm.

As quoted by Dahle in their press release of this amazing A3 paper trimmer;

Dahle has responded to consumer demand for a high quality, accurate rolling trimmer at an affordable price. Dahle’s Personal Trimmer sets the standards for the cutting industry by featuring an ergonomic design, sturdy metal base and a self-sharpening blade.

Using the Dahle 508 A3 paper trimmer

Did you know the Dahle 508 trimmer is SELF SHARPENING?

One of the main problems with other brands of paper cutters and trimmers is due to the quality of the actual blade. If the blade is of poor quality, no matter how good the machine looks, it won’t be long before the trimmer is of no use whatsoever. You can’t use a paper trimmer that won’t cut.

Dahle has designed a blade that keeps a nice clean sharp edge. With every pass of the blade during a cut, it is constantly working on keeping itself nice and sharp. This is also why Dahle trimmers produce the perfect cut every time. Even on the slightest of trims.

Dahle 508 Infographic
Dahle 508 Infographic
  • A3 trimmer
  • Printed table with rule and paper sizes
  • Plastic enclosed blade for safe use
  • Two scale bars with centimetre graduation
  • Maximum cutting length: 460mm
  • For fast trimming of paper, photos or film
  • Automatic clamp on the cutting line
  • Colour: Blue

Technical Information on the Dahle 508

Technical Specifications
Cut Length (mm):460mm
Features:Paper Cutting Guides
Sheet Capacity:5
Guillotine, Trimmer or Cutter?Paper Trimmer
Paper Size:A3
Cutter Type:Rotary Cutter
Warranty Duration (Years):3
Width (mm):152mm
Depth (mm):180mm
Height (mm):120mm


Overall the Dahle 508 is time and time again proved to be one of the most popular, and dare we say it, the best A3 trimmers on the market. Not only do Dahle make the best paper trimmers, but with the Dahle 508, it’s fair to say they have excelled themselves!