Whiteboards – How to buy the best drywipe board

Whiteboards are writing tools intended to support (verbatim or visually) a speech, using erasable markers. They are widely used in educational and business establishments including interactive whiteboards in the classroom.

This tool is often used in school environments to extract, schematise or simplify the substantial parts of a course. They are also used during work meetings, with a view to producing activity diagrams or plans.


If you are either working with your colleagues or explaining lessons to students, whiteboards will be your best friends. Whiteboards allow people and groups to jot down ideas, communicate action plans, and transmit messages effectively.

In this article, we will guide through choosing the right whiteboard and help you narrow down your list and go with the one that suits your needs.

Whiteboard surface.

Before you purchase a whiteboard, you need to ask yourself, what type of whiteboard surface am I going to need? Glass whiteboards or dry wipe boards?

The surface of the whiteboard is one of the main factors to take into account when choosing one. While all whiteboard surfaces rightly appear white, their quality varies.

The nature of the different surfaces affects the fading of ink and stains. Here are some types of whiteboards surfaces to consider:

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Glass whiteboards

Glass whiteboards have significant aesthetic aspects, such as the frameless design and colour options of whiteboards, which add a great touch to any modern office environment. We have whiteboards that are also magnetic, they can serve a dual function.

In addition to serving as elegant glass display boards, they can also affect the decor of the class, office or house.

With their sleek, frameless design, glass whiteboards are a great choice if you are looking for a quality whiteboard that aesthetically blends with a modern office. A frameless design gives the impression that the whiteboard is floating while accentuating the feeling of empty space in any room.

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Melamine surface on dry wipe boards

Melamine resin is proposed as a surface for entry-level boards. These models have the advantage of not being expensive but have fairly strong constraints.

It is, for example, imperative to use alcohol-based and dry-erase markers and their use should be reserved for strictly occasional use. In the long run, traces coming from previous badly erased writings can appear.

Finally, their non-magnetic surface does not allow the display of documents with magnets. A small price for decent quality.

Dry wipe boards

Dry Wipe boards are often used in offices or houses to keep important notes displayed for everyone. They are available in different shapes and sizes and are both attractive and versatile, easy to clean and compatible with any brand of dry wipe markers.

Dry wipe boards

If you have a team or a family that depends on leaving notes for each other or draw small daily paintings for the kids to replicate, dry wipe boards, are perfect for that.

How to choose whiteboards?

Before choosing a whiteboard, it is first necessary to clearly define what is your need. A few simple questions can help you narrow down your choices such as size and type:

What will I use whiteboards for?

Will the whiteboard you plan to acquire be just for writing or will it have to have other functions? For example, magnetic whiteboards allow you to hang documents with magnets.

Others can serve as a screen for projecting images via a video projector. We can also use printed whiteboards for additional presentations. A4 dry wipe boards are also available for educational use or for business meetings.

A4 dry wipe boards

Frequency of use?

The frequency of use of a whiteboard, occasional, regular or intensive will determine its surface. For occasional use, a melamine whiteboard may be suitable, even if they are often reputed to have lower quality and shorter service life.

Regular use will push to go to the higher range with dry wipe boards, which has the advantage of being of good quality for a reasonable budget. Finally, if you plan to make intensive use of the whiteboard, then it is better to opt for a more upscale model. This can include a glass surface that will offer optimized comfort and durability.

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Once you have chosen the surface of your whiteboard, it is time to think about the ideal size of your whiteboard by considering the available formats.

We recognize that it is not always easy to imagine the size of a whiteboard, and many of us face a dilemma when it comes to making a decision about it. Think about where you will put the whiteboard and what is the distances where it is positioned and where you or your teammates will be sitting.